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Eau de Parfum - Citrus, Floral and Woody Notes


Eau de Parfum - Citrus, Floral and Woody Notes

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The eau de parfum infinissime is a bouquet overflowing with sensuality that blossoms notes of Centifolia Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and Lily-of-the-Valley, refined by the woody accents of a creamy Sandalwood accord, dramatically altered by an intriguingly plump and carnal Tuberose note. J’adore becomes ""infinissime,"" like its infinite trail.

Perfumer's Word

""J’adore eau de parfum infinissime has a unique, voluptuous charm derived from Grasse Tuberose. By including it in the composition of J'adore, I created a romantic encounter: as if J'adore were ""seducing"" the intriguing Tuberose, embracing it, reinventing it, giving it light. It is the immediate mark of a strong and confident femininity.""

Olfactory Notes

The bouquet of eau de parfum infinissime draws its uniqueness from Grasse Tuberose, a powerful and legendary flower that had disappeared from the Grasse region in the 1950s.

The house of Dior supported and encouraged the reintroduction of Tuberose and also chose to use the enfleurage extraction process. This age-old method is not practiced anywhere else in the world, except on Tuberose in Grasse.

The flowers are spread on frames coated with a plant-based grease that slowly absorbs their fragrance. The wooden frames are turned every 24 hours and covered again with fresh flowers until the precious absolute is obtained. This incredibly painstaking technique ensures a very high yield and a unique olfactory quality. Nothing is too good for J'adore.

Olfactory Description

For the eau de parfum infinissime, François Demachy has unfurled the flowers of the J’adore bouquet, enveloping them in feverish, intense sensuality with woody accents.

Exuberant and carnal, notes of Centifolia Rose mingle with an accord of top notes of Jasmine Sambac facetted with orange, and a fresh, incisive Lily of the Valley accord.

Smooth and luminous, notes of Ylang-Ylang brighten the composition with their immediate floral quality.

Freshened up by notes of Bergamot and juicy Blood Orange, plump and carnal Grasse Tuberose accord dramatically alters the bouquet with its unique fullness, sensual charm and intriguing staying power.

Alongside it, a creamy, milky and enveloping note of Sandalwood adds a new woody facet to J'adore.

Application Tips

For a sensual and infinitely feminine routine:

  1. Apply J'adore Lait Sublime body milk.
  2. Spray J'adore eau de parfum infinissime on pulse points.
  3. Enhance with the J'adore dry body oil.