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Rouge Dior Star

Limited Edition Jewel Lipstick Engraved with Stars - Velvet & Metallic Finishes - Floral Lip Care - Comfort and Long Wear

Rouge Dior Star

Limited Edition Jewel Lipstick Engraved with Stars - Velvet & Metallic Finishes - Floral Lip Care - Comfort and Long Wear

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Lights, camera, action! Whether behind or in front of the camera, the cinema is inextricably tied to the history of Dior: the limited edition Rouge Dior Star Edition lipstick pays tribute to Christian Dior's passion for the cinema. Housed in a tube encircled with sparkling crystals, the case reveals, from beneath its cover, the lipstick engraved with rising stars, available in a velvet or metallic finish.

Radiant, long-wear color, born from the perfect alliance of pigments and combined with a soft application, dressing women's smiles for over 60 years.

Makeup that respects the lips, with a formula enriched with ingredients of natural origin:

  • The protective properties of red peony extract, a flower beloved by Christian Dior, help preserve the lips’ natural hydration to bring out their radiance and enhance the luminosity of the lipstick shades that dress them.
  • Pomegranate flower extract works in depth and helps improve overall lip quality to offer them suppleness and softness. Fine lines and grooves appear faded, color is revealed bolder than ever.
  • Shea butter complements the floral extracts’ protective action and provides intense nourishment. Lips are smooth, guaranteeing an even application of the lipstick.

New shades in the Star Edition limited edition, featuring velvet or metallic finishes. Inspired by the world of cinema, the shade names cast Rouge Dior in the leading role. On the stick itself, the bold hues are enhanced with an exclusive* motif engraved with rising stars.

* At Dior.

  1. Start by applying Rouge Dior balm shade 000 Diornatural as a hydrating base.
  2. Line the lips with Dior Contour.
  3. For perfect and even results, then apply Rouge Dior with the Backstage Lip Brush, working from the center of the lips outwards.
  4. For a bolder color finish, complete by applying the lipstick directly on the lips.