Fragrance Refill - Citrus and Woody Notes



Fragrance Refill - Citrus and Woody Notes

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The 100 ml bottle of Sauvage Parfum is now refillable.

The Sauvage Parfum refill is eco-designed and easy to use. In keeping with the House of Dior's vision for more responsible luxury, it allows you to reuse your empty fragrance bottle. The refill's innovative auto-stop system automatically stops filling when the bottle is full.

The Sauvage Parfum refill has a simplified design made of recycled aluminum. Using the refill allows to reduce our environmental footprint: 60%* less energy consumption, 53%* less water, 60%* less greenhouse gas production and 62%* less waste.

The refill is not for use alone. Compatible only with the 100 ml bottle of Sauvage Parfum.

* Use of a 100 ml Sauvage Parfum bottle + a 300 ml Sauvage refill, compared to four 100 ml Sauvage Parfum bottles. Life cycle analysis in compliance with ISO14040 and ISO14044 standards.

Savoir Faire

Sourced from a Sri Lankan plantation that has worked with Dior for over 10 years, the sandalwood note in Sauvage Parfum boasts rich nuances and exceptional qualities derived from special farming practices.

A difficult plant to cultivate, sandalwood is supervised during the early stages of growth and then "released" into a totally wild plantation where nature takes its course. In this harsh, natural environment with no human intervention, each tree pursues its growth, battles to spread its branches and thrive, sometimes reaching 100 years of age and growing over 12 meters tall.

This is how its unique olfactory qualities are forged, year after year, to produce the rare, powerful and rich sandalwood note of Sauvage Parfum.



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