อายเซรั่ม บำรุงดวงตา ฟื้นความอ่อนเยาว์ให้รอบดวงตากระจ่างใส

8,550 ฿


อายเซรั่ม บำรุงดวงตา ฟื้นความอ่อนเยาว์ให้รอบดวงตากระจ่างใส

8,550 ฿
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Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced is the Dior Prestige eye contour serum with a lifting effect that restores the eyes’ youthful expressiveness.

Crafted from the triple power of Rose de Granville, the eye serum’s formula is composed of 97%* natural-origin ingredients. For the 1st time, it concentrates the revitalizing strength of the 22 micro-nutrients from the flower, the illuminating power of the rosehips, and is now combined with the restorative power of the rose sap.** Instantly, visible eye wrinkles are divided by 2*** as well as the appearance of under eye puffiness.

Its new, ergonomic jewel-like applicator – the Micro-Shaper – perfectly follows the eye contour to smooth, illuminate and redefine the eye area. Now adorned with 11 rotating, stimulating micro-pearls, the applicator provides a cooling effect and amplifies the eye serum's efficacy.

Its fresh texture instantly penetrates to diminish the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness. The eyes appear revitalized, rested and visibly more luminous. Day after day, the eye contour is visibly more open, as if lifted, for extraordinary expressiveness.

* Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard. Water percentage included. The remaining 3% of ingredients contribute to the formula’s performance, sensory appeal and stability.

** In vitro test on ingredient.

*** Clinical assessment by a dermatologist, 32 women – immediate visibility of the frown line and eye puffiness with applicator vs. without applicator.


Dior Prestige Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced restores the eyes’ expressiveness and reveals an extraordinary beauty. Puffiness and dark circles seem to fade away, revealing visibly rested, luminous and radiant eyes.

The powerful action of the formula concentrated in rose sap and micro-nutrients and combined with a highly innovative applicator,* provides an immediate lifting and anti-fatigue effect. Applied on expression lines, it helps smooth and fade frown lines, crow's feet and nasolabial folds to redefine positive facial expressions. The eye area is visibly enhanced, as if lifted.

The exceptional regenerating micro-nutritive eye serum also protects against the harmful effects of external stress factors such as blue light.

* At Dior.


Combining the hydrating freshness of a gel with the power of a serum, Dior Prestige Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced floods the skin with beneficial freshness, an immediate anti-fatigue effect. Illuminated by an iridescent texture enriched with two smoothing and firming plant polymers, the eyes open up to reveal their expressiveness.

Key Ingredient

The first rose created exclusively for Dior cosmetic skincare products, the Rose de Granville's ancestor was a wild rose, capable of blooming everlastingly out of the rocky cliffs. The result of 7 generations of combinations, selected from among 40,000 hybridized roses, this extraordinary plant is cultivated in accordance with French organic agricultural principles, in its own dedicated Dior garden. Traceable, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but under the constant care of its rose growers, it is then free to develop exceptional natural active ingredients.

Its genetic heritage is exceptional. With twice the cellular vitality of a classic rose,* it is also twice as resilient as a classic rose** and infuses the skin with tremendous vital energy.

For the first time, Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced brings the triple life force of its flower, its rosehips and now its stem to the fragile skin of the eye contour area. From the stem to the flower, the regenerating sap of the Rose de Granville complements its 22 revitalizing micro-nutrients, revealing the spectacular youthfulness of the eyes.

* In vitro test vs. Damascus rose cells.
** In vivo test for dark spot resistance vs. the Old Blush rose.

Test Result


  • Visible eye wrinkles are divided by 2.*
  • The appearance of eye puffiness is divided by 2.*

* Clinical test by a dermatologist, 32 women – immediate visibility of the frown line and eye puffiness with applicator vs. without applicator.

Application Tips


    Using the Micro-Shaper applicator, apply the serum to the lower eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye and moving to the outer corner. Then use back and forth motions from the corner of the eye to the temple.
    Place the Micro-Shaper applicator in the upper inner corner of the eye and glide it under the brow bone. Repeat this step 3 times.
  3. LIFT
    Apply 4 pressure points just below the eyebrow, from the inner corner to the temple. Then place the applicator on the cheekbone and stretch it to the temple.
    To smooth the nasolabial fold, make rotating motions from the lower corner of the lips to the corner of the nose.

Crafted like a veritable jewel, the Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux Advanced applicator has also been reinvented. The new Micro-Shaper applicator is now more ergonomic to follow the angles of the eye contour as closely as possible. Its 11 rotating micro-pearls smooth crow’s feet, frown lines and nasolabial folds.

Expression lines are smoothed, eye contour is visibly lifted, the eyes open and gain positivity. The expression of youth is at its peak.



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