Purifying Nymphéa Bi-Phase Makeup Remover



Purifying Nymphéa Bi-Phase Makeup Remover

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The Dior bi-phase makeup remover that removes eye and lip makeup while soothing feelings of discomfort.

The Eye and Lip Makeup Remover eliminates makeup and impurities while hydrating and soothing the sensitive eye and lip areas. Its bi-phase texture combines an oily phase with a water-based phase, infused with purifying nymphéa extract and cornflower floral water.

Makeup is gently removed from the eyelids, eye contour area, lashes and lips. For daily use, alone or in combination with other Dior cleansers and makeup removers infused with purifying nymphéa.


Dior science has demonstrated pollution’s impact on the skin: as it accumulates, it weakens the skin’s structure, accelerating oxidation and thus aging; it can also weaken the skin barrier. It is therefore essential to remove impurities from the skin: this action is infused into the heart of the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

This makeup remover helps gently remove makeup from eyes, lashes and lips. Formulated with skincare ingredients, it hydrates the skin. The sensitive areas around the eyes and lips feel soothed and comfortable.


A bi-phase texture that refreshes, hydrates and glides over the skin to eliminate impurities without leaving any residue.

Key Ingredient


The purifying nymphéa infused in the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover formula is an ingredient known for its ability to purify its environment. The key to this purifying property is the chelation phenomenon, which involves trapping and retaining impurities such as heavy metals so that they do not spread in water. Infused in the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, nymphéa helps purify* the skin.

The purifying nymphéa comes from the Latour-Marliac garden, the legendary home of the nymphéa since 1875.

In 1889, Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac went to Paris for the World’s Fair, which Claude Monet also attended. There, the famous impressionist painter ordered water lilies from him, thus making Latour-Marliac his official supplier.

The new Dior garden is located in Temple-sur-Lot, where the French nymphéa originated, ensuring the traceability, cultivation method and influence of French nymphéas. To refine the harvesting process and further increase their positive impact on local biodiversity, the House and the Latour-Marliac teams have established a new regenerative cultivation system in the nursery. The rhizome of each plant picked for Dior is cut in two so as to keep a division whose shoot is immediately replanted. This philosophy is shared by all Dior gardens, so that nature remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creation.

The Latour-Marliac garden is the first articultural Dior garden, where nymphéas are harvested in a way that allows the plant to recover.

* Ex vivo test on skin explant.

Test Result

97%* reduction in even the finest pollution particles, after only one application.

  • Skin pH is protected.
  • Skin is 18% more hydrated.**
  • Lashes seem 9% more supple.***
  • Lips seem 30% softer.***

    * Instrumental test on 33 women on 1-µm to 49-µm particles.

    ** Instrumental test on 30 subjects after 6 hours.

    *** Self-rating by 31 women after 1 month.

Application Tips
  1. Shake the bottle of Eye and Lip Makeup Remover before use, so that the water-based and oily phases mix well.
  2. Soak a cotton pad with the makeup remover, then cleanse the eyelids and then the eye contour. Soak the cotton pad again, then gently press it on your lashes for a few seconds and carefully swipe to remove makeup.
  3. Use another cotton pad to remove lip makeup.


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