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An extraordinary trunk, with only 150 examples available in the world, finely embroidered with a myriad of flowers. This is where the 200 ml bottle of Miss Dior Parfum is sheltered, in the heart of this magical garden of soft colors, created by the French artist and friend of the Maison, Eva Jospin.

Miss Dior brings to life a dream of harmony, where motifs of natural inspiration and couture are mixed around an exceptional bottle. For the occasion, its famous bow is adorned with a floral motif, beautifully embroidered on transparent organza, matching the delicate branches and poetic flowers of the trunk. An exceptional hand-embroidered ornament, which required hours of passionate and meticulous work by the Chanakya workshops in India.The artisans of the Christian Dior Couture ateliers used their savoir-faire to assemble the mini trunk. Each panel, surrounded by golden studs, reveals an explosion full of brightness and softness.

A leather label of elegance couture traces the eternal letters of Miss Dior in gold.

This trunk case preserves Miss Dior Parfum, the reinterpretation of Francis Kurkdjian, Creative Director of Dior Perfumes, of the mythical Cyprus firm of Miss Dior. A voluptuous fragrance with radiant notes of mandarin, where the fruity and rosy aroma of starry jasmine acts as a counterpoint to the melody of the woods.

Trunk dimensions: 18.9 cm x 13cm x 18 cm

Perfumer's Word

"To imagine a new Miss Dior is to want to translate the youth of her time into a stele."" My Miss Dior is a contemporary chypre. A reflection of its time, with the delicious shades of a jasmine with wild strawberry facets that give rise to an extremely round perfume and, at the same time, very structured thanks to the amber woods"".

Francis Kurkdjian

Olfactory Description


Radiant and juicy notes of mandarin.


Floral accords dominated by the intensity of a jasmine note tailor-made for Dior. Complemented by shimmering, sugary and juicy notes, with accents of wild, crunchy and fleshy strawberries.

Francis Kurkdjian wanted to reproduce the specific notes extracted from the jasmine of 1947, the year in which Miss Dior was born. To achieve this end, a jasmine with extraordinary facets has been selected, subjecting it to a particular treatment both for its harvesting conditions and for the use of new technologies. An unprecedented* process that gives it all those fruity accents, tinged with strawberry, peach and apricot, faithful to the jasmine of yesteryear. All this, while preserving its luminosity.

* From Dior.


A woody-amber composition sensual and solid in its construction, anchored by a wide and refined patchouli, darkened by a dense Alaskan cedar that favors union. An undergrowth upholstered with moss seems to envelop the composition.

How To Use

Spray Miss Dior Parfum on pulse points: neck and wrists.

Learn How

Miss Dior collaborates with Eva Jospin to highlight the virtuosity of Indian craftsmanship and give women a voice by turning to the Chanakya workshops.

Faithful collaborators of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Chanakya workshops in Mumbai have brought their savoir-faire to numerous Dior fashion shows, whether by crafting the virtuoso embroidery of spectacular dresses or by helping to create the fashion show sets.

Guarantor of the excellence and savoir-faire of the workshops, the Chanakya School of Craft, founded in 2017, helps and accompanies Indian women of all ages by training them in the many traditional Indian techniques of hand embroidery. Thanks to this learning, they acquire the status of master craftswomen, as well as a new autonomy in local communities.

How to use

Spray Miss Dior Parfum on pulse points: neck and wrists.



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