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The Vanilla Diorama fragrance pays homage to the Diorama Gourmand, one of Christian Dior's favorite desserts. Created especially for the couturier by the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim's, there are no pictures or detailed descriptions of this mysterious pastry. The Vanilla Diorama fragrance derives its name from this intriguing sweet creation.

Warm, round and opulent, the Vanilla Diorama fragrance evokes the nobleness of Vanilla from Madagascar. It is a portrait of the perfect Vanilla. Its warm, intense trail with accents of Rum and Patchouli is contrasted by fresh citrusy notes and accentuated by a denser Cocoa note.

The rare and prized Vanilla is one of the most precious ingredients of high perfumery. Chosen with precision and rigor for its strength and noble quality colored with woody and ambery tones, Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar is at the heart of François Demachy's creation. A coveted treasure, it is sculpted for the Vanilla Diorama fragrance like a precious gem by the Dior Perfumer-Creator.

Vanilla Diorama is golden with amber tones, as warm and precious as Vanilla from Madagascar.

Gourmand. The Vanilla Diorama fragrance enhances the treasured Vanilla by enveloping it with warm notes of Cocoa and enlivens it with the freshness of an Orange segment. An olfactory contrast like a delicious memory.

Intense and contrasted, the Vanilla Diorama fragrance is a full, enveloping and joyful sensation. An intensely generous fragrance heightened by exquisite freshness.

Perfumer's Word

""Vanilla is an appeal to the senses, synonymous with immediate pleasure in the collective unconscious. With Vanilla Diorama, I wanted to celebrate both this power of evocation and the nobleness of this rare raw ingredient. I wanted this trail to be a faithful portrait, for it to reveal its highly nuanced olfactory beauty and incarnate its smoothness heightened with joyful citrusy notes, along with its denser, more organic side swathed in an enveloping base. The result is the Vanilla of a perfumer, ‘true’, authentic and intense.”


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